Getting There...

2015-03-25 17:24:05 by dudebot2000

Alright so things have been a little bumpy up until this point. Between issues with school and other life events that happened, I haven't really been able to put time into the things I wanted to do. At least now,I'm getting back up on the horse and trying again. I'm currently working towards an ep with the working title "Stages of an Insomniac". Expect the next few submissions to be a bit erratic, I'm pretty much gonna be posting for feedback. Thanks for all the feedback, feel free to follow me on here or on my soundcloud at Don't forget to stay tuned.

Wow man

2013-02-24 20:51:23 by dudebot2000

I haven't logged in for almost 4 years and i look back at my NG stuff and go....dafuq was i doin with my life. But I'm back now and working on stoof that hopefully ill be finished with soon :D

Sonic's revenge

2010-09-01 23:25:03 by dudebot2000

Tessa I wanna see where this goes

im tryin to make a new song but so far im dry. but ill try to post one soon.

New song idea...

2009-12-30 15:42:47 by dudebot2000

i have made a new idea for a song and am hoping to finish it soon...i need help with the guitar part. As soon as i finish that our band will play it and we will post the finished version up. The drums in the "idea" is from my multi-effect pedal so sorry for the crap drums, but we have the drum part down along with the vocals and lyrics. thnx for all the help and to my fans. Here is the link: Twisted(idea)

New song idea...

hey guys

2008-06-23 20:54:08 by dudebot2000

just wanted to say im coming out with a new song and im gonna need lyrics when its done so im open to ideas.
the name is rampage and it is a metal/hard rock song...peace.

hey guys


2007-11-11 11:31:25 by dudebot2000

whats with all The modern garbge?! Latest rap and everything else.